Member benefits key message at meeting

Member benefits key message at meeting

March 18, 2019

Grand Rapids, MN Lake Country Power will hold its 2019 annual meeting for members Wednesday evening, April 17, at the Lincoln Elementary School Auditorium in Hibbing, Minn. Lake Country Power will report 2018 operational results and outline objectives for this year.

“As technology continues to evolve, we’re adapting with it in order to serve our members, help make their lives better and help improve the communities we serve,” said Greg Randa, general manager for Lake Country Power. “As a co-op we’re always mindful to manage member resources wisely, while we work hard to hold down rates and give members cash back through rebates and credit retirements.”

Dinner and registration for co-op members begins at 4:45 p.m., and the meeting will begin at 6 p.m. in the school auditorium. Musical group, Due North, will provide toe-tapping music.


Co-ops Vote

Director election results in Districts 2, 4 and 8 will be announced during the business meeting. Candidates running for election include: 

District 2: Michael Forsman, Ely* 

District 4: Craig Carlson, Cohasset*

District 8: Jim Huhta, Cromwell*; and Danny G. Smith, Tamarack  

Lake Country Power will offer members a choice in how to cast their votes. Members may vote by mail, in person at the annual meeting or electronically through an election website or their SmartHub account. Members voting through SmartHub should look for the “Your Cooperative, Your Vote,” button.

Director ballots will be mailed between March 28 and April 2. Online polls open March 28 at 8:00 a.m. Central.

Members are encouraged to bring food donations for the Salvation Army of Hibbing to help stock its shelves. In exchange for cash donations or nonperishable food items, Lake Country Power will give members up to two light-emitting diode (LED) lights during registration.


Candidate Biographies

The following members have completed the necessary qualification questionnaire and submitted a timely petition signed by 15 Lake Country Power members to be considered a candidate for director of Lake Country Power. These are for three-year terms.

District 2:

Michael Forsman, Ely*

Biography by Michael Forsman

I’m Mike Forsman, your current Lake Country Power District 2 Director. Ernestine, my wife of over 50 years, and I are proud LCP cooperative members at our lake property near Ely.

I was a Steelworker for 34 years, retiring from ArcelorMittal Minorca mine in 2011. The 34 years included a military leave from Reserve Mining Company for 4 years while I served in the U.S. Marine Corps (honorably discharged SGT.). While at Minorca I also served as a St. Louis County Commissioner for District 4, retiring from the Board after 20 years. Prior to ArcelorMittal, I worked at our local Ely Chrysler/GM dealership as an auto technician during which time I served on Ely’s City Council as a Council person and then Mayor.

Since my election to the LCP board 3 years ago, I have completed the “Credentialed Director” training and, now, have been taking advanced courses. Hopefully through this training, if elected, I can serve you better.

It has been an honor to serve you for 3 years and I would ask you again for your support.

District 4:

Craig Carlson, Cohasset*

Biography by Craig Carlson

Hello. I am Craig Carlson running for re-election in district 4 Lake Country Power. My wife Mary Lee and I have recently moved to Cohasset after living on Wabana Lake for 43 years. Together we have five adult children and lots of grandchildren that keep us busy.

  • Work: 40 years as a residential contractor
  • Now: Retired co-op experience – Dairyland Electric Board, United Power Board, Great River Board, and Lake Country Power Board
  • Fun: Grandkids, fishing, hunting with a good dog, road trips to the southwest USA

Thank you and please remember to vote.

District 8:

Jim Huhta, Cromwell*

Danny G. Smith, Tamarack  

Biography by Jim Huhta

“Making a difference.” Since first becoming a director I’ve advocated generation transition to renewable energy. Climate change is real, and serious adults can’t deny its impact any longer. Adopting clean renewable energy to mitigate “our” contribution to CO2 pollution should also result in cheaper long-term energy costs, plus more jobs.

Wind is our cheapest energy in the wholesale market today but needs occasional backup. Batteries are rapidly developing to fill that gap and geothermal could also help. Until these “storage sources” are fully developed, gas, which is less carbon intensive than coal coupled with high-efficiency internal combustion engines can fill this need.

Inaction fueled by political or economic anxiety needs to end, and we need to step up and confront the crisis. Chemistry, physics, and biology will determine environmental outcomes for future generations, and the Laws of Natural ultimately prevail. Simply put, carbon fuel needs to be replaced.

This is my focus. I work hard for the members, and I don’t waste your money. I’d appreciate your vote so that we can all “make a difference.”

Biography by Danny G. Smith

At a young age I learned the benefits of belonging to a cooperative. Most importantly, profits get returned to members. I care about the community I’ve lived in all my life. Thus I’ve served on numerous cooperative boards, utilizing my degrees in accounting, economics, and business administration.

As a small business owner, a dairy farmer, the owner of an all-electric house and seasonal property, I’ve personally experienced the needs and concerns of most of LCP’s members.

I first served as director for this cooperative 27 years ago, before the consolidation. I have always been committed to providing safe, clean, efficient electricity at the lowest possible cost. When I represented LCP at Great River Energy, our power supplier, I helped to make their coal plants some of the cleanest in the nation while transitioning to cleaner burning natural gas. I encouraged the pursuit of wind energy before it was mandated by MN. As a result, your electricity will be 50% renewable by 2025. My vision for LCP is an affordable, environmentally friendly energy supplier that exceeds the expectations of its members.

* Incumbent

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