New member payment options added

New member payment options added

Lake Country Power is always considering new ways to make it easier for members to do business with their co-op. Besides the many payment options that are already available, two more options exist.

A new kiosk at the Mountain Iron Service
Center is open outside normal business hours for
members to make payments.

When you walk into the lobby at the Grand Rapids service center, you’ll see a payment kiosk which is operational and ready for use. The kiosk in the co-op’s Mountain Iron service center is located within the front entryway after the first set of doors.

The kiosk in Mountain Iron is open daily from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. The outer/external doors will remain open during these times and then automatically lock. This fall, the Cohasset service center will offer after-hours payments at the kiosk, which will be located in front entryway.  

Both kiosks can be used during regular business hours as well, which will allow members to avoid waiting in line to make a quick payment. It’ll be a nice option for those who are pressed for time.  

The kiosks accept credit cards, checks and cash payments. Although the kiosks don’t give back change, any overpayment of cash will apply as a credit to your electric account for the next month.

The kiosks are compliant with the Payment Card Industry, so all transactions are safe, secure and accurate. LCP partnered with U.S. Payment Systems to purchase its kiosks. At this time, the Kettle River service center doesn’t have a kiosk payment method but the option is being considered.


Now members can enroll in LCP Easy Pay on their own – an automatic bill payment method – simply by using their phone. When a member calls LCP, and selects the “to make a payment to your electric account” option, they currently go through a set of three prompts (press 1 to check your account status or make a payment, press 2 to update your phone number, and press 3 to create or update your pin number).

LCP recently added a fourth prompt: “to enroll or update your LCP Easy Pay, our automatic bill payment program,” press 4. Take advantage of automatic bill payments by self-enrolling in LCP Easy Pay today. You’ll save time and money.

“During the first month we offered this fourth prompt, 318 members enrolled in LCP Easy Pay,” said Barb Schmit, billing manager. “That’s an impressive number for the first month, and it frees up our employees from handling mail so they can address other items with members instead.”  

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