Wind Energy

Choose to support the Wellspring® Renewable Wind Energy program by subscribing to “blocks” of wind energy. Lake Country Power members can choose to purchase wind energy generated in southern Minnesota through the Wellspring® Renewable Wind Energy program. Sign up for Wellspring® Wind Energy using the form below.

Wellspring® is a voluntary program available to all Lake Country Power members. The following guidelines apply:
• You must purchase wind energy in blocks of 100 kilowatt-hours per month. You can choose as many blocks as you like.
• For each block, you will see a small additional charge per month. The charge is 50 cents per block, which is used to support the wind program. 
• You must register for a minimum of one year.
• Members may purchase as many blocks as they want.

Additional information is available from Great River Energy on the Wellspring® wind program.

Wellspring® wind energy is generated primarily at the following sites in Minnesota:
• Chandler Hills, Chandler, MN: 6 megawatts (MW)
• Christopher, Jackson County: 6 MW
• McNeilus, Dodge Center, MN: 6 MW

Wind resources that enable Lake Country Power and other members of Great River Energy to meet Minnesota's Renewable Energy Standard (25% by 2025):
• Elm Creek, Trimont, MN: 99 MW
• Ashtabula II, ND: 51 MW
• Endeavor I, IA: 100 MW
• Trimont, Trimont, MN: 100.5 MW
• Prairie Star, Mower County: 100 MW

The long, flat prairies of the Midwest are perfect for creating wind energy. More than 6,300 consumers within Great River Energy’s network of 28 electric cooperatives subscribe to Wellspring wind energy.