Good for business

Lake Country Power works as a liaison to member businesses to help our communities prosper.

Business Financing Programs through Lake Country Power and Great River Energy’s member cooperatives

USDA loans — Revolving Loan Fund:

  • 0% interest rates

  • 10 year loan period

  • Business Loan Program: Up to $1 million in a direct loan at 0% interest to qualifying businesses

  • Grant Program: Up to $300,000 in a direct loan for public and nonprofit entities – (Grant to LCP to fund revolving loan)

Direct Loans:

  • Up to 10 year payment

  • Maximum of 80% of project for non profits - 30% for profit entities

  • Minimum Equity of 10%

  • Maximum of $300,000 total: up to $100,000 from LCP’s revolving loan fund and Interest = 2% below prime but not less than 3%

  • Up to $200,000 from GRE’s loan fund: interest rate = Minimum is prime rate

Minnesota Community Capital Fund:

We facilitate MCCF loans through Great River Energy

Energy Rebates:

Conservation Improvement Programs, Energy Efficiency programs, incentives and rebates call 800-421-9959 for more information.

For more information send us an email.

At no additional cost to the consumer, the co-op serves as a liaison to help business members like Handberg’s Marina on Crane Lake secure funds for growth and expansion.